Data Acquisition

Conducting a marine geophysical survey require skills, knowledge and experience. The very first step is knowing the needs and desires of the client.
What are the objectives of the survey? and therefore, which geophysical equipment will lead to the best answers? What is the area of interest that have to be covered, and how dense should the grid be?

Answering these questions during survey planning has an essential role in the success of the survey, and leads to a quality case study, in an efficient timetable, and not less important, high cost effectiveness.

Our acquisition capabilities include:
  • Singlebeam echosounders
  • Multibeam sonars
  • Sidescan Sonars
  • Magnetometers
  • Sub-bottom profilers
  • Very hi-resolution (singlechannel, multichannel, and 3D) seismic
  • Hi-resolution  (singlechannel, multichannel, and 3D) seismic

Please contact us for designing the right survey for your purposes.