Services and Products

MGG provides state of the art services within the following three fields of work:

Geotechnical and geophysical hazards analysis
Related costumers are constructors of marine infrastructures, ports, marine cable and pipelines placement and monitoring, petroleum exploration rigs, dredgers etc.
We provide all the options of geophysical services including survey planning, data acquisition, processing and interpretation, and professional report.

Search and recovery from seafloor and shallow substrata
People had lost or throw materials to sea long before Christopher Columbus reached the Americas, and they are continue to do so...
We use geophysical methods in order to find archaeological goods and structures along the seafloor and shallow substrata.
Other search and recovery services are involved with quick recovery of an accidentally dropped objects (e.g. anchors of commercial ships), or in the unfortunate incidents of a drowned person.

Oil and Gas exploration of seismic data using advance techniques
We implement advance techniques of seismic data interpretation for better understanding of a studied reservoir. These techniques improve the chances of successful drilling and no less important, avoiding dry wells. Our techniques include Quantitative Interpretation using seismic attributes, seismic to well logs correlation, rock properties prediction, sequence stratigraphy etc.

We provide this wide range of services to the choice of our clients. It can be from a single, specific duty to the scale of project management.